LAER is the first of its kind. A bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve that can charge all of your devices simultaneously wherever you are.







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The Sleeve

LAER doesn’t look like any other laptop sleeve, it’s designed to stand out. Our trademark circle on the front allows you to easily locate the wireless charging pad and the stitching is of the highest quality. We designed a composite material specially for LAER allowing the sleeve to be durable, and lightweight. The outer material is a nylon fabric chosen for its durability and aesthetic, the padding is a dense foam to protect your laptop from impact, and the inner fabric is a soft material to protect from scratches.

The Insert

The insert contains all of the LAER hardware and is easily removable when needed. The casing is designed to fit the surface area of your laptop, saving space, and is impossibly thin at only 1cm. The materials we have used make the insert as light as possible, eliminating any unecessary weight.

The Closure

We designed a closure system that allows you to keep LAER as compact as possible when not in use. Our two magnet system switches between charging and resting modes seamlessly providing extra room for the laptop connectors when needed. Our magnetic closure system also allows you quick, easy access to your laptop whenever you need it.

The Battery Cartridge

The cartridge system we designed for the battery allows you to easily switch between lower and higher capacity batteries thereby choosing the amount of power and weight you carry with you that day. The battery cartridges come in 5,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh capacities and only contain the battery cells which reduces the cost of replacements and extends the lifespan of the product.


Based in London, ARROE was founded in March 2016 to find innovative solutions for everyday problems. The aim of our first product is to simplify the user’s life by allowing them to charge all their devices simultaneously from one wall socket. We are replacing all chargers, adapters, cables, portable batteries, wireless charging pads with one compact device that is made for travel and working on the go. LAER is the first of its kind, charging devices everywhere, for everyone.


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